Thank you for visiting.  For more than 40 years, the "Sitting Judge Principle" has ensured that Montgomery County has only the most qualified judges on the bench.  Under this principle, the governor appoints our Circuit Court Judges only after these men and women have subjected themselves to rigorous scrutiny and examination.

The selection of judges by merit instead of political popularity protects our community and guarantees that our judges have the highest quality of character, integrity, judicial temperament, and education.  We expect and want no less from our judicial system.

The well-qualified and distinguished judges seeking retention this year need and deserve our support.  They have served our community and our state extremely well since their appointment.

Our community should be united behind these judges and this important principle.  In fact, the Democratic and Republican State Central Committees of Montgomery County and the Maryland State Bar Association have all endorsed the "Sitting Judge Principle."

Please join us in supporting the Sitting Judges.  Vote for all 4 Judges on Election Day, November 4 (or during Early Voting from October 23 through October 30).  Click on the names above to learn more about the candidates.

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By authority of Maryellen J. Flynn, Treasurer, Committee to Retain the Sitting Judges of Montgomery County, Maryland, PAC.

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